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Seeking for Workshop and Retreat for Your Spirituality

If you want to give time to your spirituality, you better seek for workshops and retreats. It will be ideal that you look for workshop and retreat program providers. If you have been hearing about Carol Pisani and Roger Pisani, then you must be aware about the Institute for Liturgical and Spiritual Formation. You better discuss your needs with them as they provide workshops and retreats in various areas. If you belong to the areas of music, liturgy, catechesis, RCIA, and spirituality, then you must speak to them. You will also love the idea that they have been offering workshops and retreats for over three decades already.

You must have decided to check the backgrounds of Carol and Roger online. They must have shared their educational backgrounds to you. You cannot just avail workshops and retreats without knowing the backgrounds of the people who are going to work with you. Carol is a graduate of MS in Church Management while Roger is a graduate of MA in Pastoral Ministry and Liturgical Studies. In other words, they all have the right to share their concepts of workshops and retreats based on the areas where you belong.

It is important that you know the mission of the organization. You will soon know that the organization works in fostering spiritual journeys not only of individuals but also of communities regardless of faith and spiritual path. If you want to embrace the culture of justice, mercy, and good will, you better learn from them. You also need to know the set of values that the organization imbibes. You must learn the core values of the company such as believing in God as the source of love and feeling the Spirit of God amongst people and creation. You will love to hear from them that they consider each unique call of an individual and unique gifts bestowed to a person. They also value religious traditions, spiritual community, and rituals.

It will be important to know the vision of the company. If you seek for spiritual nourishment, then you need to connect to them. Regardless of your spiritual paths and traditions, you deserve to embrace your own full self both in spirit and mind. God has a dream for you, and you need to know that dream and live it out for the entire world to benefit.

What you need to do now is to get in touch with them. It will be essential to call the company through the hotline. If you have the copy of the hotline, you better call them so that you will know when you are going to have a discussion with the team. It is important to share to them your story and make it unfolded to others. If you need to send them detailed message, you better provide your basic information and contact details as well. It will be essential that you decide to check blog posts and stay connected with them through Facebook. The workshop and retreat are necessary to make your spirituality stronger.

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