Hiring a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Whilst taking an evening nap or watching television a person may get an invitation to super from a close associate. As the evening progresses, this person suddenly finds themselves surrounded by law enforcement officers and are then placed under arrest.

To your utter dismay you are charged with a crime of murder, drug case, driving under the influence or any other case. Despite knowing that you are innocent of the acquisition, you find yourself in court with a case to answer. Do not gamble with cheap lawyers in houston, instead find yourself a reputable advocate. Herein, this site will deliberate on steps to appointing a criminal defense advocate in Houston.

As soon as a person is placed under arrest for suspicion of a crime they are arraigned in court. If a court of law concludes that based on the evidence this person is guilty, the court will determine a suitable punishment for them. Depending on the magnitude of the crime, a court can issue a death sentence, incarceration, probation or fine. Equally, such a person shall have a criminal record in the government judiciary system. Although there are many cheap criminal lawyers in houston, an accused person should settle for reputability and service delivery.

When anyone is charged in a court of law with a crime, they have a right to be heard and to be given a speedy process. The constitution stipulates that each person must be presumed innocent until otherwise proven guilty in a court of law. In view of the seriousness of a criminal charge, any person accused of a crime should hire a competent legal team to represent them in a criminal case. A reputable attorney has a law degree, relevant experience, is skillful and tactful in legal matters, is eloquent and has a great track record of success in the courtroom.

A criminal lawyer examines the evidences used against their client, and eye witness statement to build their case. To counter the prosecution evidence and eyewitness statements, the defense team hire professional investigators and expert witnesses. Importantly, the advocates use case law and precedence to arrive at the innocence of their client.

The discussion between an accused person and their advocate is privileged and protected by the law. This law protects both the client and attorney from legal system malpractice, where the attorney is illegally required to disclose their client’s confidential information. In order to ensure the accused has a fair trial and the case is heard fully, an accused person has a right to be heard, a right to legal representation and a right to confront his or her accusers. An accused person has no excuse to represent themselves.